Thursday, January 13, 2011

Massive Fish and Bird Kills, Oh My! #2

New reports have surfaced in California, Missouri, Georgia and Chicago. In California, over 100 dead birds were found along a highway. Type of species is unknown, police officers said they were small with brown and black feathers. In Chicago's lakefront, thousands of dead fish (gizzard shad/herring family) were found. In Missouri, 30 dead Starlings. And in Athens, GA, 300 blackbirds were found dead along a highway. I thought I heard some absurd explanations. However, the explanations given for the California and Athens, Georgia bird deaths really takes the cake. Supposedly, a flock of over 100 birds in California committed suicide by flying into a truck. And even more absurd is a flock of over 300 birds whom also committed suicide by flying into a vehicle. Who the hell expects us to believe this crock of shit?

Reports coming out of Italy are saying that the beaks of the turtle doves had a blue tinge to them, indicating poison or hypoxia. Some go as far as saying the organs of these birds were liquefied and the stomachs of these birds were empty, ruling out poisoning. Here's a little ear candy for you: Corexit is known to liquefy organs in the body, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage.

Um...hello? My theory on the mass bird and fish kills still stands...DEEPWATER. Bird migration, toxic fish and the spread of Corexit in our oceans.


Ok, so this psychotic jerk decides he is going to assassinate a Congress member and fails miserably. And now my Facebook has been flooded with blame on Sarah Palin and Glen Beck and whoever else they feel is at fault. As much as I despise both Sarah and Glen, they did not pull the trigger, they are not the cause of this horrible tragedy. What someone chooses to do with the information they receive is their decision. This Loughner fellow has a classic case of schizophrenia. Whatever they read, whatever they hear, whatever they learn, whether true or false, becomes a reality in their mind. This is a dangerous mental condition and if it is not treated properly, this condition can very well drive a person to commit unspeakable acts. Unfortunately, in Loughner's case, it drove him to open fire on numerous people. My dear friends, only he acted on this horrible crime. It was not Sarah, it was not Glen, it was neither republican nor democrat nor tea party. It was simply a mentally ill man who acted upon what he thought was his reality. Plain and simple.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have been so busy with work that I have not been able to commit as much time as I had planned to lately. Tomorrow is another day and I will have a few entries posted for sure.

Preview of what is to come:

The Gulf Oil Spill
Fish/Bird Kill Update
Environmental Issues

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok America. Keep Complaining About Who WE Voted In.

We need to stop being "one-policy" voters and really think about and do some background on the people we are voting in. I may get slammed for saying this but I have chosen to not exercise my right to vote after the Clinton years. I can successfully say I am not responsible for the current corruption of today's government and I am damn proud of it. The government has become sickeningly corrupt. It doesn't matter who you vote in, they all are corrupt, or become corrupt once they are sworn in.

Take Obama for example. I ALMOST voted for him. He had me in tears plenty of times with his heartfelt speeches and empty promises. I had an Obama/Biden sign in my yard and a sticker on my vehicle. I thought, "Wow, this is the guy who is going to save America, he really cares about the American people." Then he was sworn in and had his briefing, and you can see in his eyes, everything had changed. His eyes were not what they were before, kind, caring, heartfelt...they were now empty and cold and almost heartless. That look hasn't changed ever since. And he has been for the corporations ever since.

The Americans will vote for one person because they agree with their views on gun control or health care, yet it doesn't matter if this said person they voted for agrees to kill animals on a daily basis in their basement, as long as their one policy they want so badly gets pushed through. I know I will get hit with, "you have no right to speak about politics because you didn't vote for Bush or Obama. If you would have voted, this wouldn't have happened". Yeah, ok. And I'm the pope. It is no secret the votes are bought in this country. If everyone decided to not vote in 2012, we would have elected officials no matter what. Our vote does not count anymore, these politicians buy their way in or those at the top pick who they want in and that is that. One or two may slide through for the sheople so they can continue to keep us in the dark - we won't pay attention because a couple of our "for the people" politicians are voted in.

I say they best way for our voices to be heard is to stop the vote in 2012. I hear so many comments all over the blogosphere that we've had enough of this government, we can all socialize and complain and bitch and moan on Facebook about how screwed up the republicans, the democrats, the tea partiers or even the coffee partiers are, yet we will still vote in the same scumbags every election. The only way our voices will be heard is if we stand up and say, hey, I'm not voting anymore...I have and even if you do not agree, I can be proud in saying... at least I can sleep at night.

This is the only way our voices will be heard. Stop the vote in 2012. We've been voting and voting and trying to have our voices heard for how many years? They are not being heard. They are being ignored. So why not return the favor and ignore them for a change?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Massive Fish and Bird Kills, Oh My!

Aflockalypse, 2012, Doomsday, Armageddon, Aliens, Government Conspiracy, Chemtrails, Biological Warfare...?

Weather, cold waters, fireworks, turbulent wind, starvation (of fat, dead fish), natural causes?

What is causing the massive wildlife kills? I have my own theory and while I'm no scientist, I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure this out, nor does it seem out of the realm of possibility. Remember Deepwater Horizon? You know, the most despicable human error in America's history? The news of this tragedy has been completely wiped away from news sources, when only a few months ago it was on every tv channel you can imagine. They told us, "The oil is all gone!" along with countless ridiculous explanations as to where the oil could have went. Meanwhile, a few friends of mine who are independent reporters, were reporting otherwise. I'm going to touch base on this a little further in my next entries. Deepwater is back in the news again thanks to my good pal, Billy Nungesser. Since I missed blogging on this topic last year, I'm going to take full advantage of it here in the next couple of weeks. Why? Because the oil is not all gone. And we have been lied to over and over again by our very own Presidential commission.

Back to my theory. So Deepwater happens. And billions of migrating birds were on their migratory way to the Gulf region as of July 2010. They migrated from as far north as the Arctic into the coastal marshes, estuaries and beaches. Some 300 species, from blue-winged teal to red-headed ducks and white pelicans, have passed through the Gulf over the past six months, most in pathways birders call the "Mississippi Flyway". Many are moving from breeding grounds in Alaska, Canada and the northwestern United States to feeding grounds in Central and South America and the Caribbean. The vast majority may be songbirds, grassland or forest species unlikely to be affected, but millions will instinctively hone in on shorelines, marshes and sea grass beds tainted by oil or threatened by it. A common pattern in North America is clockwise migration, where birds flying North tend to be further West, and flying South tend to shift Eastwards. And of courcse, there are those birds in the Southern Hemisphere that migrate North for the austrial winter.

For many, the seasonal rest and refueling stop could have very well been a deathtrap. Intuitively left out of the news, the migratory season began and the worries of saving these migratory birds from the Gulf fell by the wayside. No news coverage, nothing can be found, not one single picture, not one single story. How convenient.

My conclusion to the massive bird and fish kills, migratory birds bathed in tainted Gulf waters and had eaten tainted fish. These precious animals moved on to their destinations, some north, some south, some to Europe, some as far north as Idaho and Canada, and they brought with them high levels of toxins, Benzene, Polyaromatic hydrocarbons, infecting everything in their path. Corexit - millions and millions of tons of it were poured into the Gulf and has been used on oil spills since 1978. Still, we have never seen so much of it used as it was in the Gulf and now the chilling effects of this usage could very well be the cause of what we are seeing today with massive fish kills occurring all over the world. It could be the birds spreading toxicity, it could be the animals in the seas spreading toxicity, or a combination of both creating a domino effect.

Whatever the case, this is my theory, for now. And to those who are reading this, please do not accept these lame excuses we are receiving from the media. These excuses are pre-meditated and are meant to keep us in the dark. And please, stay the hell away from all seafood, and maybe we should also stay away from eating fowl as well. I know I will. And for those who may say the beaches, air and seafood in the Gulf region are not tainted, read this report. And if you believe the Obama's served up Gulf seafood during the month of December during their lavish banquets, don't believe that for a second! I have a friend who lived, that's right, lived in Louisiana. He ate one final meal before moving out of state because he too, had lost his livelihood due to the spill. After eating a meal full of shrimp and oysters from the Gulf, he said his skin felt like it was on fire for several days afterward. He said his insides felt like they were going to explode and felt like they too, were on fire. He is begging everyone he knows to stop eating Gulf seafood, he experienced the effects firsthand. And yet our President goes on national TV saying that it is ok, and the seafood is safe to eat?

Believe what you want. I only pray that today I do not have to report on more fish and bird kills. I pray these reports stop, and not because the media was ordered to like in the case of Deepwater, but because the deaths have stopped altogether.

Friday, January 7, 2011

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Are You Kidding Me?

I just read an article from the Huffington Post that makes my blood boil. I have not been able to cover one of my favorite scandals of the decade, The Gulf Oil Spill, as I was in the middle of building my small business during this time. However, this does not mean I won't talk about it at all. In fact, I've done plenty of it on my Facebook page to last a lifetime, so look for alot of those thoughts to make it here.

Anyway, back to this nonsense story about how the Presidential Commission and other panels have decided to bring forth criminal charges to BP, Transocean and Halliburton. This means these jack-asses will not see one day in prison over one of the biggest, hanus crimes America has ever seen. 11 worker's had died. That means 11 families will have to live out their natural born life knowing their loved one's killer will never see the inside of a jail cell and will continue to rape and pillage the Earth. Granted, they will all see hefty fines, but their income and their income tax will far outweigh their fines, keeping these bastards in business and on top of the world.

Not only will these families have to live with this disgusting news, so will our oceans and all living and dead within the oceans. I don't know what you are thinking about the recent mass fish kills and bird kills, but I think it all ties in with the billions of crude and corexit that was poured into our oceans. The birds migrated to the Gulf in November. Then they flew on to their destinations. The birds fed from the infested Gulf and have now spread the toxins across the globe. This, along with Chemtrails and pollution and the corexit overdoses all over the world, this is what contributed to it.

To know these assholes will get a slap in the pocketbook for causing the entire Gulf to die is sickening. If I poured so much as a pint of oil into a river or stream somewhere, I'd go to jail for an awfully long time.